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Beauty through skin perfection


In 1961 Pierre J Augè, a qualified biochemist, found that the skin has specific needs and that only substances corresponding to its specific chemistry could maintain its function and restore them. Everyday our skin is subject to aggression of the air, sun, wind, pollution an environment that can upset the skin balance. To preserve this precious balance and to allow your skin to hold onto its own potential, Pier Augè created the BASE DERGYL, which is an emollient that is made of the same type, structure and composition as that of the skin.

The base DERGYL helps the skin to defend and protect itself naturally this means that the Pier Augè Products provide a highly effective treatments that the skin recognises. Using active ingredient that provides the skin with real results.

Awards Recognition

  •  Winner three times of the international Quality Award 
  • Scientific Award AVNAR Prize for Biological non surgical facelift
  • Incorporates Nobel Prize winning ingredients into latest formulations

Complimentary sunblock, foundation and lipstick applied with every facial.


Rest Relaxation Body Beautique

A more gorgeous, more glamorous you...


Pola is a leading Japanese producer of skincare and cosmetics and is internationally recognised as a world leader in research and quality products. Established in 1929 the company was named after the exotic European actress POLA NEGRI the “Marilyn Monroe” of the 1920s's.

Pola cosmetics is recognised by Photographers for its outstanding results in photographs, a product that is custom made which not only enhances your natural beauty but protects the skin from UV rays SPF 20, is waterproof, covers uneven skin tones, fine lines and refines pores. 

Rest Relaxation Body Beautique