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What is Calluspeeling?


See the immediate results!…. with the new professional foot beauty treatment that completely eliminates cracks, callousness and dead skin without the use of blades or drill files: leaving your feet incredibly beautiful, soft and silky.

Calluspeeling ® Home Care?

Using a formulated Intensive foot cream of Swiss alpine herbs and plants use Daily helps maintain deep hydration of the feet while stimulating circulation and re-activating the cellular metabolism.

Our Calluspeeling  treatment can be done on its own or with a Deluxe Pedicure or while having a facial, massage or waxing.

See the results you will be amazed by one treatment!

Callus Peeling - Try the infinite softness of Calluspeeling The new foot beauty treatment that allows amazing results without using blades or drill files. Extremely simple and rapid results.

Try the infinite softness of Calluspeeling